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Tree & Shrub Disease Treatment

Good health is the strongest defense against disease for trees and shrubs. Trees and shrubs that are in decline, under stress, or troubled by adverse growing conditions are more susceptible to attack from fungal and bacterial infections than they would be if they were healthy. This concept is very similar to the human immune system – a healthy immune system helps keep us safe from sickness. Thus we highly recommend that you proactively increase the health of your trees and shrubs to guard them from future disease. Please see our Tree & Shrub Care service page for more information.

But we understand that preventative actions are not always realistic or you may have a tree or shrub that is already diseased. We offer disease treatment services for trees and shrubs in the Fort Worth / Dallas area. Our highly trained and educated arborists are able to identify the disease, its severity, its spread, and recommend corrective actions.

When making recommendations and applying treatments, we do our best to protect the environment. Our goal is treat the disease without damaging the surrounding ecosystem. Our disease treatment programs involve a mix of cultural and biological controls, as well as a strong focus on correcting underlying health issues in order to give the plant an increased ability to overcome its problems. We avoid the use of chemicals whenever possible. But when chemical use is necessary, we carefully control our usage, timing, frequency, dosage, and application techniques in order to minimize disturbance to the surrounding ecosystem.

If you suspect that your tree or shrub has a some kind of fungal or bacterial infection, contact Golden Leaf Tree Experts today and we will send one of our educated arborists to meet with you in order to evaluate the severity of the disease and provide treatment recommendations. Even if you do not have any diseases we can evaluate the trees and shrubs on your property and determine which have a high susceptibility to future infection. By implementing our expertise sooner rather than later you can minimize the chance of future diseases and maximize the probability that your trees and shrubs will live a healthy life.