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Tree & Shrub Pest Control

For trees and shrubs, good health is the first and strongest line of defense against pests. Healthy trees and shrubs are often able to naturally defend themselves against pests. But trees and shrubs that are under stress or in decline due to any number of health issues are more susceptible to insect attack. For this reason, it is best to make sure your plants are healthy before pest attacks happen. Please see our Tree & Shrub Care service page for more information.

But preventative measures are not always an option or it may simply be too late for such actions. For this reason, we offer integrated pest management services to control harmful insect attacks on trees and shrubs in the Fort Worth area.

With all our pest control services, we do our best to be good stewards of the environment. We try to avoid using chemicals, unless it is truly the only option. Instead we use alternative methods whenever possible, include naturally-derived oils, specialized bacterium that target specific pests, beneficial insects that eat harmful pests, a focus on fixing the plant’s underlying health issues in order to increase natural defenses, and other environmentally-responsible methods.

When it is necessary to use chemicals to control insects we deliver the product in the smallest, most targeted dosage possible. We are very careful to minimize disturbance to the rest of the ecosystem. After all, the majority of insects found within an ecosystem are positive contributors to its health and vitality. We want to leave them unharmed.

Our educated arborists are trained to conduct tree and shrub inspections where they identify existing pests and devise treatment plans. They can also identify trees and shrubs that have a high susceptibility to possible insect attack in the future. By getting us involving at an early stage, before a severe pest infestation has arisen, you can minimize potential tree-related costs in the future and maximize the chances of cultivating a healthy landscape. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation.