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Tree & Shrub Inspections

If you are like many people you visit a doctor at least once per year in order to uncover health issues before they become serious. Trees and shrubs need recurring check ups as well. Regular inspections by a trained professional are the best way to identify possible issues and remedy them before they become serious. The adage “a stitch in time saves nine” is certainly true when it comes to plant health. If we can identify possible problems as they begin, we have the best probability of keeping the plant healthy.

Our educated arborists are trained to perform in-depth inspections of your trees and shrubs. Think of us as your very own tree doctors! So whether you you live in downtown Fort Worth and Dallas or the surrounding country, we can help keep your trees and shrubs healthy and happy. After all, healthy trees and shrubs look beautiful, improve your quality of life, and increase your property value by as much as 20%. 

The concept is simple: let us inspect your trees and shrubs on a regular basis. We recommend once per season, since there are issues that can only be found during certain times of the year. But if this is not feasible, we recommend at least once per year. During these inspections, we examine and evaluate the overall health of each tree and shrub, paying attention to problems related to growth, soil, structure, roots, pests, diseases, canopy, and trunk. We look for a whole host of living and non-living factors that affect plant health such as girdling roots, buried root collars, mechanical injury, and soil compaction. When needed, we diagnose soil and foliar samples to ensure that your plants are receiving the optimal combination of nutrients and water for key biological processes.

Once the inspection is complete, we can provide a set of professional recommendations on any necessary remedial actions. Alternatively, we can perform the remedial actions while on site and then provide a post-action report. Regardless if which option you choose, we document our findings in order to compile a history on your trees and shrubs to aid with future inspections.

Whatever your goals and preferences may be, our inspection program is tailored to meet your needs and keep your trees and shrubs living healthy, happy lives. Contact us today to begin your very own inspection program with one of our trained and educated arborists!