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Tree & Shrub Planting

Proper tree and shrub planting requires careful planning and knowledgeable execution. Planting is far more complicated than simply digging a hole and putting a tree or shrub in the ground. Mistakes made during the planting process will have long-term negative effects that include poor plant health, wasted money, and years of headaches and hassle. If you plant trees and shrubs correctly, however, they will provide beauty and other benefits for years to come.

At Golden Leaf Tree Experts we have the expertise necessary to properly complete tree and shrub planting for clients in the Fort Worth / Dallas area.

During planning we follow the concept of “right plant, right place.” This means that before planting we carefully plan the project based on your objectives and preferences, as well as site variables. This includes:

Initial Meeting: One of our educated arborists will meet with you in order to discuss your objectives and preferences. Points of discussion include your reasons for planting, species preferences, target locations, desired initial and mature size of each plant, budget, and so forth.
Available Space: We evaluate all available planting and growing space. We consider factors such as proximity to structures, foundations, sidewalks, distance from power lines, nearby trees, etc.
Site Conditions: We evaluate site conditions such as soil, drainage, human activity, slope, sun exposure, and so forth. We always recommend performing a soil test before planting to ensure that the trees and shrubs will be well suited to the area.
Species & Location: Finally, we select the optimal combination of species and planting locations that will meet your goals and preferences, given the site variables. This final step is crucial for minimizing the possibility of future problems.

Once the planning phase is complete, we begin the actual tree and shrub planting. It is critical that proper planting techniques be used during this process because improper planting will negatively affect the health, strength, and stability of the plants for the rest of their lives.

Our tree care technicians are well-trained in the art of tree and shrub planting. We follow ANSI A300 Planting Standards and incorporate all proper planting techniques and requirements. Here are several examples:

- We carefully inspect new trees and shrubs for defects and adequate structural roots before planting.
- We dig the planting hole between 1.5 and 3 times the width of the root ball, depending on soil conditions. This gives new roots the ability to easily grow into the surrounding soil
- We ensure that the tree’s root flare is level with, or slightly above, the surrounding grade in order to avoid burying its root collar. During this process we also factor in future settling of the root ball.
- We loosely back fill the soil in such a way that avoids any compaction. Again this is to provide good growing conditions for new roots.
And much more…

Once the planting is complete, our educated arborists are happy to advise you on proper monitoring and watering protocols to ensure that the the trees and shrubs live healthy lives. In addition, we can ensure ongoing good health through routine checkups, annual pruning, fertilization, and inspections for pests and diseases. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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