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Tree and Shrub Care By Our Educated Arborist

Here at Golden Leaf Tree Experts clients often ask us, “What exactly is tree and shrub care?” Stated simply, the goal is to maintain or improve the structure, appearance, and vitality of your trees and shrubs.

With tree and shrub care, we look for ways to fix, preserve, and increase the health of your plants. Our educated arborists use their knowledge of plant biology, insects, disease, soil, nutrients, and a variety of other living and non-living factors in order to determine the actions necessary to maintain or increase the health of your trees and shrubs.

Plant care is a proactive approach that identifies and prevents potential tree and shrub problems before they happen. It is much like human health; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This means keeping your trees and shrubs healthy so as to minimize the probability of future trouble.

This approach is especially important when it comes to tree care for the following reasons. First, tree care is generally less costly than tree removal. Second, mature healthy trees increase your property value, often by as much as 20%. Thus by removing a tree instead of caring for it, you not only pay more money for the service, but you also lose a valuable asset that increases your property value. 
All this being said, even if a plant is already in decline or has other issues, there are often solutions that can save the tree or shrub, thus avoiding the need for complete removal.

Offering tree and shrub care services requires extensive knowledge necessary to identify, assess, and remedy plant issues. You must have a complete understanding of plant biology, nutrients, soil, pests, diseases, fungi, and so much more. Because of the level of proficiency required to offer such services, very few companies are able to do so.

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