Trees and shrubs need essential elements to function and grow. Unfortunately these nutrients are often not available or only available in limited quantities in the suburban landscape. Typically we prefer to provide tree and shrub fertilization services in conjunction with our soil improvement program. This is because the need for fertilization is often closely tied to an unhealthy soil food web or some other soil-related problem.

That being said, we do offer tree and shrub fertilization as stand-alone services. When doing so, our goal is two-fold: replenish nutrients and rebuild the soil food web. The nutrients will help the plant in its immediate future, while rebuilding the soil food web will increase the health of the tree or shrub over the long run. When fertilizing we are providing more than just nutrients; we are providing life to the soil!

We carefully select our products based on many parameters. Some of those parameters include:

- Low nitrogen content. We do not want to over-stimulate growth. To do so gives rise to other issues.
- No phosphorus. The soil in this area typically does not need phosphorus. It simply leaches through the soil and pollutes our groundwater.
- Low salt index to avoid burning roots.
- Organic or all natural products. These typically provide more substantive nutrition to the soil.
- Essential micro-nutrients. These aid the trees and shrubs with various growth functions.
- All our products contain organic matter, microbes, and humates. These are critical to healing the soil food web.

We provide fertilization to the trees and shrubs using a variety of methodologies:

Deep root fertilization: we push a feeding wand into the soil in order to bypass competitive roots from grass and turf. Deep root fertilization delivers the product directly to the root zone
Soil drench: for open soil where there is no competition from grass or turf, we provide a fertilization drench to the trees and shrubs.
Granular fertilizer: There are select situations where neither deep root fertilization nor drenches are possible, in which case we use granular fertilizer. We also use this in conjunction with all our soil aeration and root collar excavation services.

If the wrong products are used or if the fertilizer is applied at the wrong time or if methodologies are performed incorrectly, it can be detrimental to the tree or shrub. For example, it could interfere with normal growth cycles or make the plant more susceptible to attack from insects and disease.

Our educated arborists are trained to know when and what fertilization products and methodologies are appropriate and effective. To find out whether your trees and shrubs need fertilization or other soil care treatments, contact Golden Leaf Tree Experts today for a free consultation with one of our educated arborists.

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